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A phoenix rising
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A phoenix rising

Rise Again with Rev. Gen

The Rise Again podcast is a new project highlighting issues on domestic violence, relationships, and faith communities. Rather than appearing as a weekly or monthly podcast, Rise Again will be published as a variety of series around specific topics. Please follow the podcast on your favorite platform to receive updates regarding new episodes, and positive reviews are much appreciated!

The first season is "Domestic Violence and Resilience" and will consist of 7 episodes, as follows:

Ep.1 - Domestic violence survivors and resilience

Ep.2 - Domestic violence: staying, leaving, returning

Ep.3 - The response of the church to domestic violence

Ep.4 - Other forms of support after domestic violence

Ep.5 - Domestic violence survivors and their children

Ep.6 - Faith, spirituality, and views of God after abuse

Ep.7 - Domestic violence recovery, resilience, and joy

You can find Rise Again with Rev. Gen, starting April 9, wherever you get your podcasts.

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