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A phoenix rising over Hope Rise Thrive

Resources for Faith Leaders

On this page, you will find resources specifically related to the church; but be sure to check out my other pages to learn more about domestic violence, read articles and listen to podcasts, discover why I am passionate about this topic, or contact me for a consultation.

Respond to domestic  violence

Domestic violence and people of faith

Here are a few truths you need to know about domestic violence and people of faith.

Domestic violence and the church

This is important information for clergy members and faith leaders, even those who serve in a lay-leadership capacity.

Domestic violence and church
Center for church and community impact

Creating congregational policy regarding domestic violence

Click on the PDF icon below to access a document on church policy created in partnership with the Center for Church and Community Impact (C3i) during my MSW program at Baylor University. It is placed here with permission from C3i. For more information about C3i, or congregational social work, please visit

Forms of abuse list

Faith leaders may use this list in speaking with potential victims within their congregation to start conversation about abuse in relationships. Click on the PDF icon below for the full size version.

Rev. Gen's book on pastoral care and congregational preparedness is due out in 2024, and will explain more about this. Stay tuned for more information!

Forms of abuse
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