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Hope Rise Thrive
to my fellow survivors.._edited.jpg

Visit the Hope Rise Thrive YouTube page, or see where Rev. Gen has appeared on as a guest on other podcasts.


Hope Rise Thrive YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel features curated playlists about domestic violence for survivors, clergy, and others,

organized for ease of finding videos that will apply to your needs for awareness and education about abuse and recovery. If you have a question or concern about anything included on these playlists, please contact me. (This is a work in progress!)

Hope Rise Thrive on YouTube


Five Good Thoughts: Clergy Response to Domestic Violence

If you are a pastor, clergy member, or faith leader, this podcast episode is for you! In less than 20 minutes you can be better informed about how to handle domestic violence in your congregation. If you are not a faith leader, please consider sharing this podcast with your pastors. Click the image to listen.


Parents Take Five: Domestic Abuse and Parenting

Rev. Gen appears as a guest of Rev. Jen in her podcast about parenting. This four-episode series focuses briefly on several areas that those experiencing abuse (and those who help survivors) need to know about. Click the image and check out Episodes 134-137! 

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Imagine This: Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Couples

This podcast talks about how and why representation matters. Rev. Gen speaks with Wild Imaginings' founder, Trent, and team member, Mackenzie, about a recent theatrical production dealing with domestic abuse in LGBTQ couples. Click the image to listen.


Down the Rabbit Hole: Faith Communities and Accountability

Rev. Gen appears as a guest of TCFV's William and Sam in thier podcast, Down the Rabbit Hole. In this episode we talked about the role faith leaders play in promoting accountability. Click the image and listen to the episode released on March 15, 2023.



Women Aware and Prepared: The Tricky Thing About Spiritual Abuse

In this episode we discuss how abuse happens just as often in religious homes, the importance of validation and safety, and about the need for faith communities to support victims. Click the image to listen.


Transformation House

As a social worker and an ordained minister, Rev. Gen has a unique perspective on the ways that social work can complement the work of the church. Click the image to open the link and listen to the podcast.

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Central Texas Leadership Series

In this episode, we talk about local advocacy work and how being a survivor of domestic violence has created the passion for doing that advocacy. Thank you to Rachel Velasco at KWBU Waco Public Radio for the invite!

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