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A phoenix rising over Hope Rise Thrive
Hope Rise Thrive
A phoenix rising over Hope Rise Thrive

Books from Rev. Gen

There are two books coming out in 2024.

One will be a book about flags in relationships that everyone should be aware of.

The second will be a resource for faith leaders on the subject of domestic violence.

How recognizing red flags Cover.jpg

Never Ever After:

How Recognizing Red Flags in Relationships

Can Save You a Whole Lot of Grief

A relatable book about red flags in relationships, as well as yellow caution flags, and the green flags that indicate that things are going well. This book doesn't tell you what to do but rather provides information and invites you to make informed decisions about all your relationships - whether personal, professional, family, or friend.

Taking it Seriously:

A Faith Leader's Guide to Domestic Violence


This book starts by describing what domestic violence is and spends the remainder of the text discussing how to respond. It provides necessary guidance on the topic for pastors and church leaders. Increasing empathy through heightened awareness will make churches kinder, more welcoming places where the abused can receive much-needed healing. 

Image coming soon.

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