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Spiritual Direction

If you are unfamiliar with Spiritual Direction, the title may at first seem to be a bit of a misnomer. A spiritual director does not direct the session, nor provide advice, but rather allows the client to direct the conversation at a comfortable pace as they explore together the client's connection to the Divine. Spiritual Direction allows the client to seek God, lay down burdens, untangle confusion, wrestle with difficult life situations, and bring light into dark spaces. 

Spiritual Direction is for those who want to deepen their spiritual vision. It is spiritual companionship and soul care, and can be one form of spiritual formation. It invites clients to see, hear, feel, and encounter the Divine in their own lives, and helps identify where God is already at work.


A goal of Spiritual Direction is to provide space to hear God's invitation to do life together.

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Spiritual Direction is a sacred journey to discover (or rediscover) one's own spirituality. It offers hospitality and community by reflecting the heart of the gospel - God's deep love for humanity. It cultivates an environment for growth and healing without judgment or shame.  It is about finding one's place in the Presence of the Divine.

Spiritual Direction embraces silence. It encourages ancient prayer and spiritual practices. It allows clients to discover God, maybe in a way they have never done before. It helps identify what needs to be surrendered. It allows space for questions and doubts and may be part of deconstruction after painful experiences in faith-based environments. It can be helpful for those who have experienced spiritual trauma.

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I have been trained and certified as a Spiritual Director, in addition to my Master of Divinity education. I am also a Licensed Master Social Worker, and a Subject Matter Expert on domestic violence. I engage in client-centered, trauma-informed practice but I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. 

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Spiritual Direction is not therapeutic counseling, nor does it replace the need for personal therapy.


Spiritual Direction is more similar to Jesus or the prophets seeking God in the wilderness through a slower rhythm and an intentional focus on deeper discernment through gentle, holy listening.

In that way, it is like a retreat for the soul.

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Spiritual Direction can be held in-person for those in the Waco, TX area, or done virtually. Sessions last 45 minutes and are personalized to each individual. Sessions can include:

Lectio Divina

Visio Divina

Prayer Practices/Meditation

Holy Listening

Personal Testimony

Spiritual Hospitality


Book Your Spiritual Direction Session

If you are interested in exploring Spiritual Direction, learning more about it, or booking an appointment, please contact me using the button below. 

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